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About Us

Technosearch is a web-based tool that keeps track of SETI papers from 1960 until the present day and allows observers from all over the world to submit their own searches, keeping us current with the times.  Technosearch keeps track of the following: the title of the search paper (or the popular name of the search), the name of the observers, the date of the search, the objects observed, the facility at which the search took place, the size of the telescope used, the sensitivity of the instrument used, the resolving power of the instrument, the time that was spent observing each object, the reference where the search can be found in print, the link where the search can be found online, and comments that explain the search strategy and a place where the observer can make note of whatever else they would like to report.


Technosearch hosts many SETI related papers that were hosted in old obscure journals and are hard to access otherwise along with papers that were stuck behind payment barriers.  The search for technosignatures (evidence that a technology producing civilization existed) will likely take many generations to come to any sort of meaningful conclusion, and in order to search in new places requires that we know where we have already searched.  This tool exists to give the astronomers of tomorrow a way to look into the past and see where and how we searched today.


Technosearch currently has 3 different lists depending on the type of search that was conducted.

  • Radio SETI focuses on searches that took place in the Radio part of the EM spectrum.

  • Optical SETI focuses on searches that took part in the Optical/IR/UV/X-Ray parts of the EM spectrum.

  • Archival SETI focuses on searches that dug through a large collection of previously collected data.

This is a project whose utility is based on how much the community responds to it.  If people report their own observations, then the job of maintaining this tool does not fall onto one person’s shoulders. 


We humbly ask anyone who has made a Published SETI related search should report their observations to Technosearch by going HERE