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This is a page showing the 5 steps to add content onto Technosearch. If you already know what to do and just need to go directly to the upload page, you can use this link here

Step 1:

Download the correct .xlsx file for the type of search you would like to report to us.  

Radio Search

Optical/IR/UV/X-Ray List

Clicking the above links should automatically start a download for the spreadsheet template

Step 2:

Open the file and replace the questions in Red with your answers.


You can add multiple searches in one excel file, just add 1 search per line.  

Excel spreadsheet with questions in red text

Step 3:

Save your Filled our Spreadsheet as a .CSV file (UTF-8 is preferred, but any CSV file is acceptable if that is not found)

Save box with CSV option highlighted

Step 5:

Wait for a Technosearch moderator to approve your submission.